Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beer glasses

When you order a beer here, or a soft drink, or even a hot cocoa, it comes in a special glass imprinted with the logo of your beverage. What's more, you can get these promotional glasses to use at home!

Sometimes the glass or mug comes in a specially packaged gift box, as with these sets from Lindemans and Chimay, which I happened to acquire recently at the chain grocery store next door.

But sometimes, the glasses aren't packaged with the beer. (OK, so we're mainly talking about beer, since that's what I'm into.) They're just sitting in a separate box somewhere near the beer, and apparently people are just expected to figure out that they should take a glass along with their six-pack or whatever.

You just couldn't do that in the U.S.

There would be some coupon you'd have to fill out and mail with the UPC from your six-pack and then wait 6 weeks for the glass to arrive. You wouldn't just trust people to take a (single) glass for themselves! What if they couldn't figure out which glass goes with which beer? What if they broke it and cut themselves and sued the grocery store?

So I've started my own collection of commemorative Belgian beer glasses. I figure, I need glassware anyway, right? Why not have a neat selection of different beer glasses? Here's my latest... I couldn't resist. It's Cuvée des Trolls!


  1. That's a great idea! We have Chimay and Leffe glasses in our cupboard since they're generally all purpose for when we have guests but I should totally start a collection as well. There are far too many beers here, I'll never run out of glasses to buy!

    1. I love our collection of beer glasses. Once I got married, I inherited my husband's collection, added my own, and have continued to (occasionally) make additions. And yet we still don't have glasses for every beer that we happen to drink at home >:/